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How it Works

AMI Pup Fosters are a key part of our rescue and rehome process. Fosters provide temporary housing for our dogs while they find their forever homes. The more fosters we have, the more lives we can save! Note, fosters must live in Manatee or Sarasota counties and are provided supplies by the rescue. We look forward to receiving your foster application!


We have three types of Fosters:


Temporary Fosters


Temporary Fosters take in a dog that may have an urgent need to leave a home or shelter.  The Temporary Foster provides care over a few days to a week while we identify a full time foster for the dog. 


Full Time


Full Time Fosters take in a dog off transport, or from another foster, and provide temporary housing until they are placed in their forever home. This can be as short as a few days or take several weeks. Our full time fosters typically commit to their foster dog until they find their forever home – though we’ve found many fosters fall in love and adopt!


Puppy Fosters


Puppy Fosters typically foster litters of puppies that are not yet fully vaccinated that need a little more care and attention. Puppy Fosters are not responsible for training or housebreaking, just caring for the youngest arrivals until they are adopted. Puppy Fosters need to have a flexible schedule and lots of patience!


Foster Application Process

  • Step 1: Fill out the New Foster Application

  • Step 2: Send us the completed application either online or by email at

  • Step 3: Have a phone screening interview.

  • Step 4: Have a home visit with one of our trained volunteers.

  • Step 5: Meet us at a shelter transport arrival or adoption event and take your Foster Dog home!

AMI Pup Rescue's Commitment to You & Your Foster Dog

  • We provide routine and emergency medical care at one of our fantastic partner no cost to you.

  • We provide essential supplies, including collars, leashes, crates, and identification tags.

  • We have trainers/behaviorists who can help work through any issues (no matter how big or small) you may have with your AMI Pup foster dog.

  • We let the world know that your AMI Pup is looking for a permanent home by posting him or her on multiple websites.

  • Our network of volunteers are here to answer questions, screen potential adopters, help transport your dog when you are unable, and do anything we can to make fostering a great experience!

Your Commitment to Your AMI Pup Rescue

  • You provide daily care for your AMI Pup.

  • You provide unconditional love and affection.

  • You share photos and videos of your foster.

  • You are open to meeting adopters at your home for handoff (contract and payment will be done electronically in advance).

  • And, most importantly, you let us know if you need help!

Shelter Dogs: We may not always have too much information when it comes to rescuing a shelter dog. Many are strays and some are owner surrenders.  They are very scared in the shelter because of the noise and confusion. This can negatively affect their mental health and can lead to long-term problematic behavioral issues. Their true personalities emerge when they decompress and feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

It is our goal to move dogs out of the shelters and into approved foster homes or if possible bypass  the shelter altogether.  The stress of transition can be minimized and dogs stand a much better chance of being adopted and flourish in their adoptive homes.


Help us       Help them 


Fill out the foster home application here:


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