Foster Application

AMI Pup Fosters play a pivotal role in our rescue and rehoming journey. They offer temporary shelter and affection to our dogs while they undergo vetting and grooming, ensuring they eventually find their forever homes. AMI Pup Rescue equips fosters with all essentials for dog care: food, leash and harness, crate, and enriching toys. Additionally, we cover all vet expenses and any other necessities for the dog's well-being. As vetting takes place in Manatee County, we prioritize fosters from our local community.
Foster Opportunities
Foster to Adopt
This presents a unique chance for prospective adopters to experience a 'test drive' with a potential new family member while the dog completes our vetting process. Plus, all AMI Pup fosters hold the first option to adopt their foster dog!
Ongoing Fostering
This opportunity enables you to foster and help find forever homes for numerous AMI Pup companions. For more details, please refer to the Fostering Process section.
The Fostering Process
Step 1
Scroll down and fill out the Foster application form below.
Step 2
AMI Pup Rescue will review your application and vet references.
Step 3
We will visit with you in your home to confirm your interests and answer any questions you may have.
Step 4
Within 2-3 days of your foster commitment, we can usually provide you with basic information about the dog you'll be welcoming into your home. Upon picking up the dog from the shelter, we ensure they're flea-free by giving them a bath and Capstar treatment. We then personally deliver the dog, along with all necessary supplies, directly to your home.
Step 5
Upon agreement, a foster contract is established between AMI Pup and the foster, outlining the support you can anticipate from us. We furnish a schedule of upcoming appointments for the dog, aiding in your planning. While we encourage fosters to transport their dogs to spay/neuter appointments if possible, we also offer transport services if needed. It's important to note that our fosters are not responsible for vetting applications or managing the adoption process.
AMI Pup Rescue's Commitment to You and Your Foster Dog​
We offer comprehensive medical care, both routine and emergency, through our esteemed partner veterinarians, all covered at no expense to you. Essential supplies such as collars, leashes, crates, and identification tags are provided as part of our support. Our team of skilled trainers and behaviorists is on hand to assist with any challenges, regardless of size, that may arise with your AMI Pup foster dog.

To increase your foster dog's visibility, we actively promote them on various platforms, ensuring their availability for adoption reaches a wide audience. Additionally, AMI Pup is always accessible to address inquiries, vet potential adopters, facilitate transportation when needed, and support you in any way possible to ensure fostering is a rewarding experience!
Your Commitment to AMI Pup Rescue
You offer daily nurturing to your AMI Pup, showering them with unconditional love and care. Sharing photos and videos of your foster helps showcase their personality and charm. Most crucially, you keep us informed if you require any assistance or support along the way!
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