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AMI Pup Rescue, Inc. Welcomes You

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AMI Pup Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the care of unwanted, abandoned dogs in our local shelters.  We believe with the support of our community, we will be able to make a difference.

AMI Pup Rescue saves homeless, neglected, abandoned, sick, injured, or abused animals from death row.  We also find homes for dogs that have to be rehomed by their owners. We understand that sometimes life circumstances brings you to a place that your fur friend might not be able to follow.  For whatever reason, these dogs find themselves in need and deserve to be saved to have a second chance at life.


All dogs in our care will be spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated. Our partner veterinarians will give our dogs whatever medical care they need.  Our rescues have their own personalities and are sometimes emotionally scarred from abuse. We will match the needs of our rescue dogs to their foster families and adopters. We want our dogs to feel comfortable and safe in their homes. Fostering or adopting a dog saves lives. We cannot pull a dog in need unless we have a family and home to take care of them.


We run solely on donations and strictly with the help of volunteers. All donations go to the vetting and care of the dogs we pull into our rescue.  There are two ways to donate; directly through Facebook or through our website.  Thank you for your continued support! To donate, foster, adopt or volunteer, please go to our resource button at the top right of our web page.

To find out more about our board members, founders and volunteers click on About Us.

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We believe that as a foster-based rescue, we are able to set our dogs up for success. Our rescues live in homes with foster families who give them love, care and get to know their personalities. Many of our families end up adopting their foster dogs as they just can't let them go. Our fosters are gold to us because without a foster home, we can't pull a dog in need. Please consider saves lives.

To find out more details about fostering go to our detailed foster section.


You can fill out an application here: 




All You Need is Love...And a Dog

Our goal is always to find the best fit for each pet to ensure a forever home. Adoptions are never ‘first come, first serve’. We look for which home will work best for that dog. We always take our animals back if an adoption doesn’t work out, but we never want to see it come to that. Keep checking our website and facebook pages for available dogs.


You can fill out an adoption form here:


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Helping The Community

If you need to rehome your pet, and you have been unsuccessful in finding him a home on your own, we may be able to help. We know how difficult this decision can be and we are here to help. Your dog will go to an approved foster home and we will ensure your dog is loved and cared for to the highest standards of spoiled rotten. 


If you surrender your dog, we will need all the information you can provide about your dog to ease their transition from your home to our foster home.  We request copies of vet records at the time of surrender, so please have records readily available.  We also request that you donate your dog's crate, bed, food and toys which will help make the transition easier.  Upon coming into rescue all dogs are completely vetted and provided any medical care needed. A monetary donation from you would be greatly appreciated to help cover these costs for your dog. You will be required to sign a Release when your dog is surrendered, transferring custody and control of your dog to AMI Pup Rescue.

Please fill out our surrender request form here:   



What do you get for volunteering for AMI Pup Rescue?

Volunteering gives you a sense of a remarkable fulfillment that comes from making a difference for a dog in need. You will become part of a wonderful, dedicated community who all work together to make a difference in a rescued dog's life. Volunteers can be part of fundraising events, transporting dogs, helping with vet visits, home visit checks and much more.

If you would like to join us you can fill out an application here:  

“A dog is the only thing on the earth that loves you more than you love yourself“

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